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Trent Hypermarket
TAP™ Supplier Portal


Trent’s supply chain was inundated with delivery bottlenecks, inventory uncertainty, and capacity constraints.

Trent operates one of the leading hypermarket chains Star Bazaar. The company sources a wide range of products and services from both multinational as well as local suppliers. However, limited automation, offline communication, and low visibility, led to collaboration challenges. Additionally, manual tracking of purchase orders (PO) and offline delivery schedules impeded efficiency, impacting end consumer experience.  As part of its overall enterprise strategy and strategic sourcing initiative, Trent embarked on a journey to modernize its supplier collaboration process. 


Trent enriches buyer and supplier experience with supply chain efficiency.    

Trent was able to drive faster transformation, gain significant business value, and eliminate unproductive activities through improved visibility.  Our future ready platform provided an engaging user experience for suppliers by enabling short wait time and prompt decision-making. 


online supplier collaboration


collaboration platform across all suppliers and business users

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