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The hyper volatile business environment has fast-tracked the need to ensure smooth and predictable product flow from procurement to delivery. How well companies can organize outbound shipment and optimize truck utilization will directly impact transportation costs. The reality is disintegrated supply-chains and lack of real-time visibility into truck availability impeding transport operations. This results in an amplified carbon footprint, increasing execution time across the delivery value chain.

TCS Solution

By applying our expertise in mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) techniques, truck analytics, product mix and transporter data, TCS’ Truck Load Optimization (TLO) solution helps companies centralize the transport planning process. Using our transport management system, organizations benefit from a single pane of view into truck and transport operations and reduced overall transportation cost. TLO combines transporter planning and real-time load optimizations to enable optimal execution of bills, claims management and truck order management.


  • Enhanced truck utilization
  • Superior truck forecast
  • Improved collaboration with channel partners
  • Slashed transportation costs and carbon footprint
  • Reduced manual efforts with automated manual processes
  • Better decision making

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