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Uganda Deploys Next Gen e-Tax System

TCS helps Uganda transforms tax administration, implement integrated taxation system.

Uganda Revenue Authority
Public Services
Revenue and Taxation Solutions


Low levels of compliance, transparency, and efficiency hampered efficient tax administration.

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) sought to become the most efficient revenue collector in East Africa. But long processing times and low accountability and transparency were impeding their progress. Customer satisfaction was low–appropriate information was largely inaccessible, and taxpayers often had to make multiple visits to the URA office complete a single transaction. This lead to a relatively narrow tax base and poor tax compliance. The URA wanted to make taxation easier and more effective for citizens and the government. 


TCS integrates revenue collection and assessment, institutes global best practices.

TCS harnessed cutting-edge technology to empower the URA with a fully integrated taxation system. We proposed the DigiGov Tax Solution which is a generalized solution for tax and revenue authorities to address all tax administration needs including registration, returns, payments, taxpayer accounting, audits, debt collection, and objections while addressing the customer service requirements of taxpayers. This configurable, upgradeable, and maintainable solution provides robust support to the tax and revenue management life cycle at drastically lower risk and cost.

URA recognized as Role Model for Revenue Administration.

We also re-engineered business processes in order to simplify and standardize processes and modernize delivery. We conducted change management seminars and training programs to ensure that the URA could transition seamlessly to the new system.

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