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Drive Real-time Personalization with Unified Customer Profiles

Customers increasingly expect retailers to know who they are and what they are looking for and serve them accordingly, across channels in real time. However, they feel let down when they are made to repeat information that they have already shared on another channel or when they receive an offer on the retailer app for an in-store purchase they just made. Clearly, personalization needs to evolve into customer journey orchestration.

Outdated and disjointed customer profiles and organization silos are the biggest barriers to journey orchestration. A unified customer profile acts as the single source of truth for all business teams enabling them to have a full view of a customer’s previous interactions, preferences, and the current context enabling them to personalize every interaction and design the most memorable experiences across touchpoints.

This white paper prescribes a framework for driving customer lifetime value (CLV) with journey orchestration using AI-powered unified customer profiles.

Vignesh Manoharan

Functional Consultant, Retail AI & ML Practice, TCS


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