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The Challenge

Due to the heterogeneity and overall diversity of the system landscape, users often have to interact with more than one worklist, and do not have a global overview of their work. Cloud-based systems, too, assign tasks on different systems which the users need to access to execute their work. The lack of a consolidated platform for tracking the assigned tasks not only makes task-related communications unclear but also increases the project timelines due to the lengthy approval process.


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TCS Solution

TCS Unified Worklist consolidates all task-related communications and information on the Microsoft Teams platform to deliver a seamless employee experience. The solution leverages the My Task feature with a customizable display layout to ensure a single integrated system to manage and monitor multiple tasks. Solutions features include:

  • The basics: Collaborate seamlessly and enable one-click approval for worklist tasks from within Teams.
  • Consistency and familiarity: Integrate existing applications with Microsoft Teams and gain a single view of tasks from across the enterprise systems.
  • Simplification: Automate workflows and consolidate all tasks in a single platform to reduce time spent on redundant processes. Receive notifications for SAP sales order requests, SAP purchase order requests, ServiceNow requests, and SuccessFactors leave requests.

Streamline and integrate: Streamline in-house apps and solutions by integrating with Teams, thereby presenting a unified canvas where all other apps and solutions can be accessed.



The solution helps enterprises:

  • Increase employee engagement with a consolidated, easy-to-use platform and reduced efforts
  • Ensure transparency and agility in task-related communications
  • Improve insights with real-time data integrated with data visualization tools via the Teams platforms, which accelerates decision-making
  • Drive better business outcomes with smoother and faster business approval processes
  • Increase employee adoption with new data sources and enhanced approval process
  • Provide quick updates on ServiceNow tickets within Teams