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Add to Calendar Europe/London EVENT LIBOR Transition: What does it Mean for your Bank?

LIBOR transition is at a critical juncture with industry announcements offering greater clarity on timelines and the way forward for alternative rates. While banks are facing key LIBOR transition risks, this change also offers significant opportunities. 

Have you defined a LIBOR transition strategy for your financial institution? Is your bank ready for the changes that the adoption of an alternative rate will entail? '

In this audiocast, Navin Rauniar, Partner, Risk Advisory Group, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS, and Tom Wipf, Chair, Alternative Reference Rates Committee, Federal Reserve Board, and Vice Chair, Institutional Securities Business, Morgan Stanley, discuss recent developments in LIBOR transition with particular focus on USD LIBOR. Listen to this podcast to know more about:

  • Whether the delay in USD LIBOR transition offers banks a reprieve

  • Concerns around the ISDA fallback protocol and non-linear products

  • Regulatory requirements and data management


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