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User Engagement Platform


TCS User Engagement Platform for Health Professionals and Payers

Patient care, digital-enabled.



Digitally-savvy customers need access to their health related information at their fingertips. However, the following complications exist:

  • No single point of patient queries. Establishments cannot predict patient concerns in a unified manner.

  • Lack of integrated platform to engage with end-consumers.

  • Suboptimal capture of treatment data at providers’ end restricting patient’s visibility of health records.

  • Process redundancies prevail various stages of the engagement lifecycle.

TCS Solution

. Here’s how:

  • The mobile solution provides a single point of contact for patient queries around wellness, claim reimbursements, health plan options and test results, among other things.

  • The solution enables on-demand access to updated healthcare information collected from diverse sources.

  • Patients can access digital prescriptions and other medical services through their portal.

  • Providers can access patient records, laboratory results, and other information for timely, personalized attention.

  • The solution has Artificial Intelligence that analyzes data and helps to monitor patient health based on identified patient trends.

  • The solution’s in-built cognitive assistant interacts with the user through voice. This simplifies mundane tasks such as booking appointments.


  • Improve patient engagement by providing patients with 24-hour access to their records

  • Improve quality of care

  • Improvise healthcare outcomes

  • Customize healthcare promotions

  • Reduce costs by digitizing helpdesks and eliminating paperwork

  • Improve efficiency by eliminating manual processes for maintaining patient records

  • Predict patient needs across all touch points of patient care



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