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An Ecosystem Approach to Seamless Vaccine Experience

Collaborative vaccine management holds the key to a COVID-free world


Countries the world over are on an overdrive to inoculate their citizens against COVID-19. The challenge of reaching millions as fast as possible has put the spotlight on two aspects – the interconnected and interdependent supply chain of vaccine delivery and the essential role that technology plays.

From the vaccine maker, government agencies, distributors to healthcare service providers and the recipient, all stakeholders in the COVID-19 vaccine ecosystem have to contend with changing situations and priorities.

We believe an ecosystem approach, focused on providing the vaccine recipient with trusted and easy-to-use solutions, will ensure effective collaboration and innovation. TCS has leveraged its technology capabilities and thought leadership in ecosystem orchestration to develop a suite of pre-built software solutions that give all stakeholders access to the information and capabilities they need to scale operations for testing and vaccinating millions, while supporting privacy and consent regulations.

Point of View

The Digitalized Vaccination Ecosystem

Organizations must embrace the power of digital to successfully execute the mass vaccination program.

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