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Vale Global HR Transformation through PeopleSoft
Gustavo Vieira, Vale´s CIO and other Vale executives such as Tania Mendes, HR Manager, Patricia Pena, Health Manager and Mirela Siani, Global IT Innovation Manager explain how TCS helped the company to develop a Global HR database using the PeopleSoft program.
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Vale S.A.

“We always work with TCS on global projects because it has a high capacity to bring in technically qualified resources, whatever it is that Vale needs, anywhere in the world. TCS’s performance was essential for us to achieve success in this project.”

- Gustavo Vieira, CIO, Vale

Experience Results

The project presented by TCS simplified and standardized Vale´s HR process on a single platform worldwide, leading to more efficient business operations, giving to associates and clients a better experience. The results can be seen not only on the standardization but also on functionality.

In financial terms, the main result was the cost saving made by having a unified system in a single database.

Experience Partnership

In the same way that Vale has learned with TCS, TCS has learned from Vale, because of its complex and technical environment. At the same time that the platform was being put in operation, new data was being created, implementation, upgrades and data merging were all happening together. Without partnership and collaboration, the project would not be a success.

Experience Leadership

TCS market vision and solutions were fundamental for this project. In fact, inputs brought by TCS to Vale have instigated the customer to review some processes.

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