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Value based care model


Value Based Care: A Patient-Centric Model

Innovative Next generation of Payments driving Healthcare ecosystem


Although we have scaled the operations in medical research, education, and infrastructure, rising costs and inefficient payment models are areas that need to be looked at in our healthcare model.  We need both patient centric care and efficient payment models in the coming years. The trend has prompted organizations of payers and providers to explore the concept of value based care, which strikes a balance between quality and cost of care. This whitepaper talks about:  

  1. Issues with traditional models and how payers and providers can work collaboratively
  2. Critical analysis of data to bring improvements through value based care
  3. The ways value based care can boost patient-payer-provider relationship


Dorothy Egan, RN BS

Domain Consultant Healthcare, TCS

Brenda Miller Milewski

Healthcare Consultant, TCS


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