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One of the major challenges faced by ports across the globe is congestion which often accounts for a large percentage of the overall external costs. Reasons include inadequate capacity, lack of visibility in truck arrival pattern for pickup/receiving goods and manual processing at gates. The delay and long waiting time affect the productivity of the terminal and the turnaround time of trucks and vessels.

TCS Solution

TCS VBS is a web-based appointment and warehouse management systems (WMS) that aids to reduce traffic congestion at ports. VBS is designed to plan and manage slots and to provide complete visibility to terminal operators on trucks visiting the terminals/warehouses/ inland container depot (ICD) for delivery/pickup of the cargo. The system comes with defined APIs for integration with operational systems for sharing relevant data.

  • Rule-based slot booking system for creation, moving, swapping and cancel features
  • Automatic generation of slots based on the defined rules with predefined number of days ahead
  • Abilities to restrict the number of trucks based on the anticipated terminal capacity
  • Ability to create multiple booking categories like haulier/consignee specific, internal only
  • Additional control over key attributes of cargo
  • Android/iOS mobile apps for hauliers to book and check booking status


  • Easy configuration based on rules
  • Reduced traffic congestion and improved turnaround time for trucks and vessels
  • Improved visibility on truck arrival pattern for planning of resources
  • Reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and sustainable growth

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