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DNB Revolutionizes Payments in Norway

TCS helps develop the most successful product, at the fastest pace ever, in the history of DNB.

DNB Norway
Financial Services
P2P Payments Business Payments E-commerce Payments

DNB focused on a first mover advantage as they knew—the winner takes it all!

DNB wanted to be the first mover in simplifying payments in Norway. They decided to offer their customers and non-customers a simple person-to-person (P2P) payment solution (mobile payments). Beating all estimates, the app gained unprecedented traction, to become the highest downloaded app in Norway. Vipps become a ‘verb’ and a brand in Norway, with the market value equivalent to apple in Norway.


TCS partners with DNB as a strategic technology enabler to create a competitive advantage.

We captured all high-level requirements and detailed the solution concept leveraging our in-depth knowledge in the payments industry, and our competency in developing mobile based solutions.

We made the app available on iOS, Android, Windows and able to support Apple watch. This allowed customers to make P2P Payments, Business Payments, and E-Commerce payments with several rich features like chat messages, split bills, photo upload, and biometric authentication.

“TCS is a reliable partner that focuses on strategic business value.”

Liv Fiksdahl, Group Executive VP, IT and Operations, DNB

To drive an early mover advantage for DNB, TCS implemented the solution with extreme agility within a short span of 5 months -making DNB a first mover in P2P space within the Norwegian marketplace.

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