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Future-proofing BFSI operations for new beginnings

The biggest tangible assets of any BFSI organization are its office premises, staff and on-premise machinery including desktops, kiosks, printers and other equipment. However, in today’s hyper connected business environment, owning or renting fixed assets such as huge buildings for delivery of services is increasingly losing relevance. The virtual office space model underpinned by Machine First Delivery Model (MFDM™) and Business 4.0™ levers drives the principle of assisting humans with the help of machines and software. Business 4.0 drives mass personalization, creating value by using existing and new components and embracing risk. This helps:

1. Personalize first touch point interactions 

2. Understand the request

3. Take appropriate paths and decisions 

4. Provide a solution and path ahead 

5. Capture feedback for future interactions

Alok Sood

Enterprise Architect – Presales and Solutions


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