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Long-term remote work has raised questions about monitoring employee productivity 

During a pandemic that’s led to unique levels of remote employee working, digital tools to monitor productivity of remote employees in real time have been introduced. Remote working model policies, if at all these existed before the COVID-19 crisis, were designed only to enable occasional remote working. Remote working environments pose new challenges to the HR and compliance function. The contractual and commercial review of performance management will help shape the right organizational construct and culture to deal with the prevalence of a long-term remote working model. Below are the areas where guidelines are recommended in order for organizations to function at the right levels of productivity:

  • Introducing employee wellness programs
  • Cross-skilling in professional and personal life
  • How to demarcate home and working spaces with other members of the family
  • Providing location allowances
  • Rewards and recognition to create a positive work environment
Rajiv Kumar

Head - HR, Middle-East and Africa (MEA), TCS

Vasu Uppili

Head, Technology and Solutions, Delivery and Operations, Middle-East and Africa (MEA), TCS


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