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Building New Age Digital DNA for Visionworks

TCS leverages its contextual knowledge to modernize store and IT services for Visionworks

Visionworks of America
Comprehensive optical care services


Legacy retail and clinical systems impact overall customer experience.

The client’s legacy point of sale and electronic medical record system posed a challenge to the retail associates’ and doctor’s ability to offer a confident customer experience. As a result, the client was looking to modernize their store systems and deliver an improved experience for associates, doctors, patients, and retail customers. Within the same year, various retail and operational initiatives were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic



TCS supports transformation of retail customer experience, IT services and business continuity.

TCS partnered with Visionworks to devise a cloud strategy for an integrated environment that would allow various Visionworks systems to be connected and synchronous. The TCS team also designed a scalable and robust solution to strengthen the cloud platform and implemented Secure Borderless Workspaces (SBWS) to ensure business continuity through a secure Visionworks remote environment. TCS also formalized multiple standard operating procedures to enhance efficiency, quality output and performance uniformity, while maintaining compliance. TCS created a one team experience so that all teams can together provide flawless vision, simply. Additionally, TCS acted as lead in executing the annual disaster recovery exercise.

“We appreciate the agility and support of TCS as we worked to transition our workforce from on premise to remote, and to safely reopen our stores amid the looming crisis of COVID 19.” Shawnna DelHierro, VP of IT Operations


Legacy systems transformed to deliver robust and secure IT operations.

Visionworks partners with TCS to develop their cloud strategy and reduce the on-premises footprint. This helped the US-based eye-care retailer to scale its operations and define its future technology roadmap. TCS also standardized Visionworks’ IT services and operations to deliver a flawless customer experience across the enterprise and new channels

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