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Vistaprint Builds Business Resilience
Mukul Agrawal, Head of ERP, Vistaprint, shares how a large-scale SAP S/4HANA transformation led by TCS, helped the marketing products company move from being product-led to purpose-driven, simplify its business operations, and strengthen its digital core.
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SAP S/4HANA Services Cloud Migration

Vistaprint wanted to provide its customers an exclusive user experience with expertly designed marketing products. But their legacy systems and siloed product-based approach created challenges with usability, mobile experience, data accessing, reporting and analytics.

Vistaprint partnered with TCS for a large-scale transformation enabled by SAP S/4HANA implementation to simplify their business operations and strengthen their digital core. With accurate, real-time information and faster responsiveness, Vistaprint assured customer satisfaction. They improved analytics efficiency by 10% and reduced cost of inventory up to 4%.

Appreciating TCS’ agility, collaborative approach, and strategic partnership with Vistaprint, Mukul said, “We liked their ability to co-innovate with us and build on the new landscape and the new platform that Vistaprint needed for its business to grow.”

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