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Vodafone Hungary’s Marketing Transforms with Pega

Vodafone enhances customer experience with hyper-personalization and AI-driven marketing

Vodafone Hungary
Digital Marketing


Vodafone reimagines customer experience with Pega digital transformation.

Vodafone Hungary needed to upgrade its legacy marketing systems with intelligent customer-centric and flexible infrastructure. It was using broadly segmented messaging for its customers, with limited context and long lead times, resulting in inconsistent customer experiences. With the use of strategic marketing solution the company transformed its marketing function to deliver superior omnichannel customer experience to its subscribers. The need was not only to have relevant offers but also to get a competitive advantage by improving customer satisfaction levels through effective marketing.



Vodafone Hungary digitally transforms the marketing journey with Pega.

Vodafone Hungary and TCS collaborated to radically rethink the telco’s marketing function and enable a seamless digital transformation. TCS designed and deployed its machine first approach around the Pega best practices on Amazon cloud platform. Using Pega as a strategic marketing solution, TCS executed end-to-end consulting, implementation, testing, and operations support associated with change. The use of strategic marketing solution integrated the marketing platform with business and operations support systems for real-time fulfilment of offers. Pega digital transformation enabled business with insights, next best actions, and dynamic rules modification based on real-time customer data and interactions. The solution enhanced intelligent decision making for marketing effectiveness in multi-channel campaigns across mobile app, web, push notification, e-mail, SMS, telesales, lead generation, call center and IVR. With the Pega marketing platform Vodafone Hungary uses three key digital technologies—cloud computing, artificial intelligence and analytics to create hyper-personalized and intelligent offers to a delighted customer base.

“Vodafone Hungary and TCS collaborate to transform the telco’s legacy marketing function to an AI and data driven real-time digital version.”


Vodafone gets higher take-up rate and happier customers with Pega digital transformation.

With customer take-up rate better than the industry at 28%, Vodafone Hungary got a competitive advantage by improving customer satisfaction levels through effective marketing.


Take up rate within 3 weeks of commercial launch

3 Hrs

Time-to-market reduced from 3 days


Increased click through rate from email offers


Offers delivered by customer value management resources

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