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The Challenge

With growing digitalization and customers embracing new cloud technologies while dealing with ‘the new normal’ work culture of bring your own device (BYOD) and remote working, the risk of sophisticated cyberattacks is on the rise. Organizations are spending millions to protect their applications and IT assets from malicious attacks. It now becomes imperative for organizations to have clarity on their security strategy, and prioritize safeguarding their critical assets from unforeseen risks.

TCS Solution

The pre-built assessment frameworks and aligned services make TCS Enterprise Vulnerability Management Services a complete package to address several business challenges regarding security: 

  • Vulnerability management services – Includes automated scanning, remediation tracking, actionable reporting for management of digital assets
  • Application security assessment services – Covers automated tool-based scanning, manual checks, and triaging of vulnerabilities identified in applications with alignment to industry benchmarks 

  • DevSecOps services – Shift-left of security processes in application development to identify vulnerabilities earlier in the lifecycle and ensuring maximum risk reduction with minimal effort

  • Security consulting services – Performs dipstick assessments for maturity baseline of organizations according to industry standards

Overall, TCS Enterprise Vulnerability Management identifies, prioritizes, and mitigates software vulnerabilities for businesses.


TCS Enterprise Vulnerability Management Services helps organizations reap the following benefits:

  • Self-heal controls with a strategic scanning regime
  • Purpose-driven remediation program
  • Single pane of glass view and executive dashboards for 100% visibility and control
  • 30% effort reduction using playbooks and automation with security reporting automation tool
  • Risk-based prioritization (pinpoint exploitable vulnerabilities on critical assets)
  • 35% increase in productivity with automated vulnerability remediation platform


By partnering with TCS, enterprises can leverage the following differentiators:

  • Improve delivery using high-skilled talent pool
  • Program governance, quality, and rigor in operation
  • Leverage CoE built accelerators for security transformation coupled with partner-led platforms for automation and remediation intelligence
  • Accreditations such as CREST for penetration testing services
  • Flexible and scalable engagement models (managed service/shared service/pay per use)

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