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The retailer wanted to strengthen vulnerability management and security operations.

As part of its initiative to streamline security operations and vulnerability management processes, the retail chain wanted to put in place a proactive cyber security strategy for improved visibility, monitoring, and governance. They were seeking to close pre-existing gaps in process, documentation, and inventory maintenance with a robust managed security services solution. Further, the lack of baselined asset inventory and asset prioritization made it difficult for the client to analyze current risks or remediate actions to block incoming threats or potential security breaches.


TCS centralizes identity and access management for robust security.




 TCS’ security operations center proactively mitigates cyber threats


TCS’ security operations center improves security posture with real-time threat detection.

TCS helped the client improve the security posture of the enterprise by providing an effective security operations center and vulnerability management system. The security operations center provided an enhanced monitoring system by identifying critical asset inventory and prioritizing them based on threat perception and criticality for integration into the security information and event management platform. TCS’ vulnerability management system created an asset inventory of 15,000 devices across the geography by running a map scan, defining the scanning cycle through periodic reports and remediation actions, and streamlining the steps of vulnerability management. TCS also leveraged Cortex Extended Detection and Response to integrate data across the digital domain and accelerate investigations to stop attacks and data loss prevention in order to secure control and ensure compliance of sensitive business information.



A state-of-art managed security services solution helps the retailer reduce cyber exposure.

TCS enhanced client’s security operations by integrating more than 1,150 critical devices and prioritizing the asset inventory based on criticality. By leveraging the Cortex XDR tool and periodic cyber threat reports, TCS was able to proactively detect the simulated attacks ensuring end-to-end threat visibility.

  • 50% improvement in security operations
  • End-to-end visibility of enterprise risks
  • 40% reduction in alert volumes
  • Mean time to respond is less than 15 minutes



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