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Driving Interoperability in Healthcare
TCS Healthcare in collaboration with COIN™ partner 1upHealth hosts a webinar on driving interoperability in healthcare
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Interoperability is a word that has several connotations. For many, this is a complex topic; and with CMS requiring both health plans and providers to move in this direction, many are looking for the best way to implement solutions in order to be compliant.

To get a clear picture on interoperability within healthcare, and its final rules, TCS collaborated with 1upHealth for a webinar. The event offered a fresh outlook on the term ‘interoperability’. It started with addressing current challenges in interoperability, and why the latter is being mandated by CMS. The event also covered approaches to implementing interoperability, and the benefits of implementing the FHIR standard.

Do watch the webinar to listen to examples of real-world implementations, the Q&A, and the fundamentals behind interoperability in healthcare.


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