Digital Twin Webinar



Intelligent Power Plants powered by Digital Twins on August 8th, 2019

TCS is hosting this webinar, to facilitate an interesting discussion on how Digital Twins are powering Intelligent power plants to improve their performance and to achieve RoI, by adopting digital technologies.

We will be joined by a leading analyst from ARC Advisory Group, who will be sharing insights on the industry dynamics. We will also be showcasing our Intelligent Power Plant solution TCS IP2TM, outlining the benefits and sharing success stories from the industry.

Companies in the power generation business in the Utilities industries are being challenged to do more with less today.

  • Power plants are being operated at off design points (part-load & transient)
  • Growing knowledge gap – ageing workforce, lack experience
  • Financial Challenges
  • Carbon Footprint – NOx optimization

The TCS IP2TM (Intelligent power plant solution) leverages AI, Digital Twin and IoT to optimize performance of thermal power plants operating at partial and full load conditions, within the constraints of existing equipment and systems.


Harry Forbes - Research Director, Automation, ARC Advisory Group.

Ajai Singh - Director – Generation & Utilities, IoT – North America & LATAM

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