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Western Union Builds a Future-ready Enterprise
Discover how TCS and AWS helped Western Union build a robust cloud strategy to drive modernization, agility, and resilience across its business

Western Union, a financial and communications company, embarked on a multi-year cloud modernization program to accelerate product innovation and enable future growth. Western Union partnered with TCS and AWS to harmonize the technology across products, channels and business models. By harnessing the power of cloud, the client was able to deliver outcome-driven transformation and superior customer experiences.

The session covers Western Union’s:

- Business transformation imperatives

- Cloud transformation program

- How it modernized the mainframe and core to AWS Cloud


  • Amit Sharma, Chief Information Officer, Western Union

  • Sanjay Sankolli, Head of Enterprise Applications, Western Union

  • Krishna Mohan, Vice President & Global Head, AWS Business Unit, TCS

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