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Ashok Krish

Global Head of Digital Workplace, TCS

Hybrid workplaces are the new reality and employee experience is a critical driver. 

Hybrid work models are here to stay but the pace at which banks and insurers are embracing this new paradigm has been relatively slow.

Adopting a hybrid approach will enable the financial services industry to migrate from legacy work models to a flexible environment that will allow employees to seamlessly share information, collaborate with new people, and design innovative products and services. There are a host of other benefits as well—hybrid models empower financial organizations to enable superior employee experience, attract talent from across the globe, and build a smarter, high-performing workforce.

Hybrid models will greatly improve employee engagement and experience—a prerequisite for great customer experience. To achieve success with the hybrid work model, financial services firms must:

  • Reimagine the flow of information
  • Ensure decision-making happens at all levels
  • Provide employees with access to analytics, reports, and tools
  • Embrace technology to eliminate silos and facilitate collaboration

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Ashok Krish

Global Head, Digital Workplace unit, TCS

Ashok Krish leads TCS’ digital workplace unit, which helps companies imagine the future of work for their employees. His team works at the intersection of design, technology, and behavioral science, and helps conceptualize and implement immersive employee experiences.