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Sales teams and expansion efforts at non-banking financial companies are bottlenecked by the absence of robust digital onboarding systems. As top players deploy smart solutions to tackle increasingly complex and newer challenges of today’s business conditions, their sales and service teams are setting up new standards for customer expectations. Disruptive technologies are now shifting the competitive landscape and B2C companies are achieving unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction. Customers expect similar experiences in financial services.


TCS’ Digital Onboarding solution enables financial services companies to be present at the point of sale at all times. Through assisted and self-service modes of onboarding, finance companies can speed up the entire lead-to-sale journey by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up extra on-field time of sales teams with TCS’ Digital Onboarding solution. Through a highly integrated ecosystem, sales teams can quickly make an indicative offer and engage with the customer to achieve a faster lock-in and reduced processing times, which allows companies to make a shift from customer satisfaction to customer delight. Digital onboarding for non-banking financial companies ensures that they can exponentially expand operations and dynamically respond to changing business conditions. 


  • Provide credible information and implement unified business rules
  • Improve the speed of delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Provide an omnichannel experience to improve lead retention and conversion
  • Improve customer retention post-conversion using virtual assistants
  • Improve the productivity of your sales teams and increase their field time
  • Improve customer acquisition and sales processes
  • Achieve faster lock-in and reduced turnaround time


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