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Ensure seamless payment card chargeback with integrated workflow management



The chargeback process in payments is mostly manual, which results in longer processing times and a higher probability of errors. The absence of a single screen interface and case tracker makes it difficult to fetch and track customer case information. Moreover, the high complexity of the various processes requires strong decisioning methods. The high investment cost for enterprise transformation also prevents card issuers and merchant acquirers from delivering a seamless online and point of sale experience.


TCS Rover Cognitive Chargeback Solution covers the end-to-end process of a payment card chargeback – from capture to resolution. Coupled with business insights and analytics, the solution uses the Machine FirstTM delivery model to give the machine the first right of rejection. Key features include:

  • Intent identifier: Identify the intent of a dispute within the correspondence with technologies such as ICR-OCR, NLP, and NLU by detecting keywords and processes without any human intervention.
  • Customizable dashboards: Enable customizable dashboards based on users’ profiles and simplify the process of generating reports and identifying trends.
  • AI rule-based engine: Ensure error-free auto-processing of cases leading to straight-through processing without any manual intervention.
  • Automation: Automate all manual activities, including allocation of cases, fetching of transaction details using APIs, reconciliation, case tracking and real-time notifications to customers.


TCS’ solution provides the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Reduced operational costs by up to 50% translating to 30 to 60% in FTE saves
  • Improved productivity of investigators by up to 50%
  • Tight security with prioritization and assigning of cases
  • Zero manual errors in case tracking and enablement of timely actions on cases


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