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With extensive digitalization as the backdrop, consumers across the globe are demanding easy access to content and the ability to contextualize it for their information needs. With the shift in consumer preferences and the emergence of new consumption channels, media and information services companies are compelled to reimagine their traditional, product-centric content value chain and legacy workflows with disparate content stores. This is limiting the ability of information services companies to deliver rich content experience and maximize revenue.


TCS’ content advisory, technology, and operations solutions and services help leading communication, media and information service companies deliver rich content experience to their end consumers.

Content advisory services: TCS helps establish a content strategy and roadmap aligned to your business priorities and customer expectations. We provide advisory services such as content process maturity assessment, transformation blueprint, content architecture and product evaluation.

Content technology services: We provide technology services for the development of next- generation content platforms, editorial workflows and information management, across the content value chain – from content ingestion, enrichment to content publishing. TCS provides the entire gamut of content technology solutions to support information services firms in building the right content model with digital rights management, as well as implementing intelligent content platforms for content discovery using semantic search, industry taxonomies and cognitive technologies.

Content operations services: TCS provides a wide range of content processing services spanning information extraction and enrichment, digital marketing, content analytics, and creative content development.


With TCS’ Content Solutions and Services, information services companies can:

  • Structure content to make it fit for both content monetization and reuse
  • Reduce the time to market by optimizing the content value chain
  • Provide richer and more relevant content experiences to customers
  • Improve scalability and flexibility
  • Reach customers through varied mediums by an integrated publishing approach
  • Understand content consumption patterns better through analytics

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