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From Concept to Manufacturing



Leveraging the power of smart devices, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT)—electronics manufacturers (ODMs), handset equipment (OEMs), and semiconductor vendors must design complete systems, such as System-on-Chips (SoC), and not just focus on features of separate functions.

To provide such solutions that involve user experience and cloud, companies need new competencies that go beyond silicon design, hardware engineering, and manufacturing.


, covering design, development, and after-sales support.

We offer key product engineering capabilities and services across segments:

  • Semiconductor Engineering: pre and post silicon validation, platform and embedded system services, VLSI services, FPGA, and SoC enabled technological advances in analog, digital and mixed-signal from concept to GDS-II stage.

  • Consumer Electronics: smartphones, multimedia players, wearables, set-top boxes, etc.

  • Enterprise Devices: point-of-sale terminal.

  • Industrial Electronics and Automation: electro-mechanical, embedded design and validation, M2M remote diagnostics.

  • Connected Home Appliances: home automation, energy management, & diagnostics.

  • IoT, Drones and Robotics: cloud & data analytics, in power optimization, sensor device management.


  • Reduce product development time across the product engineering lifecycle
  • Use innovation to launch relevant and compelling offerings
  • Create differentiated products using data-driven insights
  • Increase revenue by launching products in new markets
  • Achieve enhanced product quality with NextGen technologies






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