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Manufacturers of devices, semiconductors, and networks are witnessing key changes:

  • Technology companies are divesting businesses that do not align with their business goals, and therefore, inheriting complex systems that are not useful.

  • Low cost players are competing aggressively for market share and facing continual pressure on reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT.

  • Companies are forced to introduce new products quicker to stay ahead of the competition.


TCS has worked with technology firms to develop semiconductors, networks, and consumer devices for over 15 years.

We have created specific blueprints for various processes, such as Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Budgeting, and Sales—to help enterprises streamline operations and create business differentiation.


  • Leverage industry leading products from SAP, Oracle and other leading product vendors to cover the entire gamut of enterprise processes.
  • Deploy products/services with minimal customization and capital expenditure.
  • Focus on incrementally transforming the customer businesses with a three-step roadmap.
  • Integrate with 'on premise' or public cloud applications. 


  • Enable business agility and improve compliance
  • Select IT architecture that suits specific goals
  • Accommodate emerging business needs through scalability
  • Minimize capital expenditure
  • Ease IT vendor management with a single point of accountability
  • Enable rapid deployment with pre-built industry process blueprints and accelerators


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