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With a rising demand for fiber-based networks, telecom enterprises are struggling with inaccurate, non-constructible designs and poor program governance. Potential risks include low throughput, unpredictable ROI, major cost and schedule overruns. This leads to inefficiencies that break down fiber network margins, delaying implementation. To bring construction processes into the digital era, telecom operators must proactively explore process digitization, design automation and operational agility.


TCS Fiber Rollout as a Service (TCS FRaaSTM) platform enables telecom enterprises to use a design-led approach for fiber rollout. The solution brings about end-to-end (E2E) digitization of construction activities. It addresses the challenges telecom operators face while using a conventional construction-led approach for fiber rollout, offering the following salient features:

  • Optimized, Constructible Design: Detects defects early; manages multi-stakeholder dependencies via integrated workflows.
  • Process Excellence: Digitizes the entire E2E process across all stakeholders; defines and deploys metrics to improve process outcomes through joint field walkouts.
  • Automation and Technology Infusion: Automates design and field survey processes; simplifies collaboration between design and field engineering.
  • Outcome-based Approach: Ensures E2E ownership of all tasks involved in the planning and design phase; augments design expertise with recognized local specialists.


  • Offers a two times faster design delivery speed along with a definitive market advantage
  • Minimizes errors; delivers over 99% right first-time designs, accelerating time-to-market
  • Reduces costs by 30%, improving business bottom line and freeing investments
  • Enables 360° program governance with seamless collaboration, streamlining construction projects
  • Promises a rich customer experience

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