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Protect your IT systems from security threats



Integrated service providers for upstream oil and gas (O&G) field developments worldwide design production facilities in multiple phases with increasing levels of definition. This aims to manage risks and maximize value across all stages of project development. They need consistent 95% endpoint compliance and effective solutions for the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool, and for analyzing security risks and tracking log sources.


. Our solution includes fine-tuning the correlated alerts and rules on the SIEM tool, which helps improve performance and reduce CPU, disk, and memory utilization to 60%. It helps in proactive monitoring of the web server’s SSL certificates expiry period to avoid accessibility issues, scheduling SIEM backup to retrieve logs efficiently, and customizing the dashboard for efficient tracking of log sources on the SIEM tool.

Our solution also helps in analyzing security risks in the proxy server, and mitigating them through the antivirus server and advanced malware protection solutions.


  • Optimize your enterprise antivirus server settings
  • Ensure 95% end-point compliance consistently
  • Speed up log processing with optimum SIEM tool utilization
  • Retrieve logs from your SIEM tool efficiently
  • Renew web server certificates before they expire
  • Improve your system’s high severity risk detection
  • Track log sources on your SIEM tool efficiently

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