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IT service management approach to boost vendor alliances.


Oil and Gas (O&G) enterprises involved in exploration and production operate in a volatile business environment driven by sharp swings in commodity prices. Navigating this landscape calls for higher operational efficiency through streamlining of upstream processes, orchestrated around robust IT solutions. Most firms outsource their applications and infrastructure functions to multiple uncoordinated vendors, thereby complicating their IT setups and hiking up total cost of ownership.


s by establishing collaborative best practices for service management, risk and compliance management, vendor management, and transformation management systems in a multi supplier environment.

Our SIAM framework helps align your IT strategy with your business objectives. By standardizing pan-organization business processes we ensure smoother collaboration between multiple vendors. Streamlining your IT operations through coordination between people, processes, tools, data, and governance structures can both increase customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of operations.

Our risk and compliance management tools facilitate effective end-to-end compliance management, while addressing IT-related risk and ensuring the delivery of value.


  • Respond to rapid business change and increase customer satisfaction

  • Promote innovation and improve your operations with predictable services

  • Manage multiple vendors effectively and forge robust supplier coordination

  • Facilitate effective compliance management systems

  • Rationalize your IT applications and align IT SLAs with business metrics

  • Break down IT silos to accelerate innovation

  • Tap our partnerships with leading SIAM tool vendors

  • Achieve higher return on investment

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