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Jumpstart your transformation with accuracy



Insurance companies embark on transformation programs to enhance customer experience and reduce costs. A common impediment is the presence of legacy applications, which contain rules that determine the unique way an insurer does business. Due to the sheer size and complexity of legacy applications, it is often difficult to extract the business rules that drive the insurance business. Lack of system documentation and unavailability of experts are major roadblocks in the transformation journey.


Our offering provides a structured approach to Business Rule Extraction in order to isolate the rules that are directly related to business processes. 

Our methodology involves identifying the complete inventory of components, extracting technical conditions from source code, and translating them into business terms. The translated business rules are further classified and rationalized, based on the source system. This is supported by our mature, proprietary tools and enablers, developed based on our past experience and in-house expertise.

We identify and extract the business logic embedded in legacy code, leveraging tools to expedite the extraction. We offer next generation rule extraction services encompassing product, underwriting, document, process, and interface rules.


  • Enable faster roll-out of new products

  • Ensure retention of rich business rules and insurers’ unique business methods

  • Facilitate consistent and sustained compliance to state specific regulations

  • Preserve integrity of data exchange and rules between systems

  • Reduce expert dependency

  • Jumpstart your transformation

  • Accelerate success with factory based execution

  • Improve software quality 


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