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A Solution to Help Govt Keep Citizen Identity Safe, Secure


Identity management remains a major challenge for the smooth delivery of digital public services. There is a widespread inconsistency in the way public sector entities maintain records of citizen identities and other attributes. Furthermore, typically, an individual has to log in to portals of various agencies to request for different services. This results in multiple user repositories and multiple systems working in silos, resulting in the overall inefficiency of e-governance.


Government entities need to maintain a user repository that integrates systems and utilizes data and implementing single-authentication across multiple systems. TCS’ DigiGOV™ Federated Identity Management solution bridges this gap by building trust in users who access services online, and validating their identities. It enables integration between systems with a single view of citizen information, eliminating possibilities of data duplication. At the user’s end, there is no need to remember multiple usernames and passwords and the entire process is run by user consent.


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