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Electronic data interchange


Changing times and unforeseen circumstances is putting pressure on the supply network, exposing underlying vulnerabilities in a highly distributed and fragmented ecosystem of partners, logistics providers, vendors, and suppliers. To start with the manual nature of the documentation process makes the exchange of business documents prone to errors which can result in significant delays in processing them. Also, the lack of documentation formats and protocols can further complicate the exchange of documents, affecting information timeliness, accuracy, and integrity. This makes the supply chain highly opaque and irresponsive.



TCS Software for Intelligent Messaging communication engine is a cloud-ready, configurable platform that is integrated with a standard electronic data interchange (EDI) message format support that facilitates the exchange of information between marine/rail/airport terminals and their external trading partners. TCS Software for Intelligent Messaging can automatically send and receive standard messages in formats like EDIFACT, ANSI X.12, NIC and pre-defined in-house formats. TCS Software for Intelligent Messaging extracts data from the received messages, validates them and feeds this in to the terminal operating system (TOS) application through a set of well-defined interfaces. While sending, TCS Software for Intelligent Messaging downloads the data from the TOS database and converts it to the EDI format.

  • Upload and download messages
  • Configuration of new messages
  • Message monitoring and controlling
  • Start and shut of the automatic message processes


TCS Software for Intelligent Messaging addresses a wide spectrum of documentation problems and provides the following benefits to its partners:

  • Easy configuration: Ease of setting up new messages, communication channels and partner agreements in a matter of minutes
  • Digitalized process: Zero manual interventions with automated validation of B2B data
  • Reduced processing time: Significantly reduces the processing time from hours to fraction of seconds
  • Sustainability: Paperless B2B communication that promotes an environmentally friendly workplace
  • Security: Partner communications through EDI software are transferred through secure communication channels such as SFTP and email
  • Scalability: Allows for expansion and business growth without increasing operational costs


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