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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of building enterprise resilience, agility and adaptability. At the core of any organization’s resilience is its people, supported by enabling processes and technologies. While cloud technology continues to be an integral element in an enterprise’s digital transformation strategy, enterprises cannot simply transition to the public cloud as it compromises data security and visibility into varied workload requirements. A private cloud ecosystem built on open-source technology is a cost-optimized alternative, that is scalable and secure via managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions with support for unique in-house integrations.

TCS Solution

TCS PaaS is a set of ready-to-implement solutions, allowing fast migration into a hybrid or private cloud-based IT environment. Powered by OpenStack, the solution uses the latest technologies to simplify application development and deployment in a cloud ecosystem. As a 360-degree partner, TCS provides all the tools, templates, and code libraries that enterprises need to streamline application management within PaaS structures.

Our broad range of PaaS solutions include:

  • Container-as-a-Service  Reduces application delivery cycle and improves business agility. It enables IT and DevOps professionals to deploy, manage and scale container-based applications, clusters and services easily, reducing application delivery cycle times.
  • Database-as-a-Service Minimizes mundane database management work
  • Big Data Platform-as-a-Service – Manages rich enterprise data and drives business transformation
  • Workspace-as-a-Service – Ensures a next-gen digital workplace by enabling secure, simplified access and control of virtualized desktops, apps and data across any device or platform on the cloud
  • SAP HANA on Cloud – Accelerates enterprises’ ability to deliver innovations. Our full-stack managed SAP services ensures a smooth and quick transition to the cloud
  • Customer Experience Platform-as –a-Service (CxPaaS) - Enhances user experience via an omnichannel cloud-based conversational contact center solution blended with next-gen technologies
  • Digital Business Experience Monitoring-as-a-Service – Identifies and resolves performance problems proactively before they affect end users and disrupt revenue-generating services
  • BaNCS on TCS cloud – Provides a powerful combination of enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprises with a comprehensive, award-winning universal financial services platform for banking, capital markets and insurance


  • Through continuous integration techniques and automatic application deployment, TCS PaaS enables enterprises to harness the full potential of cloud:Business continuity and agility
    • On-demand high availability of platforms and disaster recovery plans
    • Portable and flexible cloud services with zero vendor lock-in
  • Quick onboarding and deployment
  • Accelerated time-to-market for critical applications
  • Achieve desired results and maximum 'first-time right' possibilities with dependable platform support
  • Cost efficiency
    • Flexible software licensing options (TCS-provided /Bring-your-own-license)
    • Leverages open-source functions, tools and technologies
    • Pay-per-use pricing model
    • Service catalogue designed to meet diverse enterprise requirements

TCS Advantage

Partner with TCS to leverage the following key differentiators:

  • Solution personalization - Tailored to your unique business needs, with the component modules deployed either together or individually, as per requirements
  • Extended compatibility - Product agnostic platform solution by leveraging enterprise grade / open and secure platforms and integrating into hybrid and multi-cloud environments seamlessly
  • Process automation – Full-scale automation and optimization, with the requisite framework and tools for expediting business transformation
    • Simplified management
      • One-stop-shop for entire platform stack (infrastructure and platform)
      • Contextual knowledge across business lines with experienced practitioners
      • Business-aligned command center for ease of management
  • Strong partner ecosystem Offerings backed by years of experience and a network of alliances with the world's leading software vendors