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Enterprises running their core business applications on mainframes face multiple challenges such as high ownership costs, monolithic and unscalable architecture, and low automation potential. Besides, the impact of COVID-19 on businesses has made it imperative for organizations to embrace scalable and agile platforms. To overcome these issues and achieve business goals, enterprises need to modernize their mainframe estates by undertaking transformation journeys to migrate their workloads onto cloud platforms.


TCS presents a structured, end-to-end solution leveraging automation and agile for accelerated value realization on Google Cloud. With its industry-leading set of accelerators and frameworks, the solution can quickly convert legacy codes into cloud-ready Java code and reduce the cost of conversion.

 TCS Accelerated Mainframe Modernization works in three phases. In the plan phase, the power of TCS MasterCraftTM is leveraged to auto-discover the existing mainframe landscape, strategize the path to migration, and design the blueprint of the modernized application.

In the build phase, accelerators such as TCS BITS and TCS Cloud Mason are leveraged to automate rehosting/refactoring of applications. In the final phase (business reliability services), TCS Cloud Exponence on Google Cloud is leveraged for service management and reliable operations.


By leveraging TCS Accelerated Mainframe Modernization solution, enterprises can achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduce cost of conversion up to 50%
  • Enjoy 70% faster mainframe modernization
  • Achieve up to 60% faster conversion of legacy code into cloud-ready Java code 
  • Identify the right migration strategies
  • Deploy the right set of automation tools for various testing activities
  • Automate refactoring of legacy applications and data to the target architecture 
  • Analyze legacy testing processes and build test cases for the target application 
  • Achieve significant reduction in the mainframe CAPEX costs