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Deliver customer centric solutions and improve cash flows.


A rapidly evolving marketplace led by progressive reforms has increased competition among utility providers. There is greater focus on sustainable and green initiatives, which require more investments and contribute to the rising cost of doing business. In order to remain competitive and continually enhance customer experience, utility providers need to evolve into real-time digital enterprises with the agility to offer right-priced products, services, and differentiated end-customer experience.


"TCS Utilities Business Operations delivers managed services through a comprehensive suite of consulting and operational solutions:"

  • Meter-to-cash services

Acquisition and loss, meter data, billing, payment, debt management

  • Customer Experience Management

24x7 web chat, social media services, customer survey, contact center, sales and collections, compliance audit services

  • SMART metering services

Deployment support, remote meter data management, billing, and smart meter analytics

  • Asset management

Asset lifecycle analytics, health and safety, GIS and EIS services

  • Digital Enablers

Robotic automation; mobility solutions; platforms for billing/CRM, accounts payable, collections, and web chat; business process modeling; change management; analytics and insights

  • Enterprise Service

Finance and accounting; supply chain management; human resources


  • Enhanced customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score

  • Reduction in customer complaints

  • Enhanced revenue realization through exception management

  • Reduction in manual efforts through automation


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