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Enable a versatile and responsive customer-centric strategy


Agility is a key component of Business 4.0, enabling businesses to adapt to fluctuating business needs and satisfy evolving customer expectations. Organizations continually battle to accelerate timelines to get their offerings to market, and ensure productivity, while managing changing priorities. Internal challenges such as gaining business and IT alignment, and visibility into projects can add to the challenges.




TCS’ Enterprise Agility solves these challenges, and ensures improved time to market and better quality to deliver against a continuously evolving customer-centric strategy, by ensuring enhanced productivity and alignment between IT and the business. TCS helps enterprises build agility so they can adapt and respond to the changing business environment.  

Enterprise Agility is a holistic solution that drives responsiveness and ease of adaptation to changing business environments by building a culture of rapid innovation, shortened product cycles, continual improvement, and a motivated workforce. Human resources can be engaged to drive agile performance management with rewards and recognition to support continuous, iterative outcome-based performance. 

Organizational change management, automation, and behavioral transformation help closely align decision making to the needs of the stakeholders, and build a rapid, frugal, and iterative work culture. This results in long-term benefits and competitive sustainability for an adaptive enterprise.



  • Increase speed to market for heightened responsiveness

  • Drive enhanced quality for greater customer satisfaction

  • Continual improvements in productivity 

  • Instill a sustainable culture of continuous improvement 

  • Enable organizational change management and behavioral transformation


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