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TCS increases customer engagement and retention to drive profitability and growth



A seamless and immersive customer experience is no longer a differentiator but an expectation. While many businesses recognize this, they often lack a comprehensive and future-ready CX strategy. Without such a critical strategy established and in place, the necessary ROI cannot be achieved.

Many organizations lack a clear brand and experience strategy or fail to communicate the same broadly. This can result in ineffective initiatives with lost opportunities that do not move the needle with customers or leave a negative impression on them, making them liable to losing the customer in the future.


value from strategy to execution -- throughout the customer journey. Our outcome-focused approach allows us to gain valuable insight into customer behavior, the market, our competition and the ecosystem as well as the internal structure of products, people, processes and operations. By designing improved experiences and digital operating models, we build a roadmap for organizational change and bring about a much-required transformation.


TCS’ Customer Experience Transformation Services offers the following key benefits:

  • Drives business value through enhanced customer experience and retention
  • Enhances customer acquisition and improves sales
  • Reduces customer acquisition cost by improving productivity, optimizing targeting and messaging
  • Curtails cost of service by building a digitally enabled operating model 



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