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Partner with TCS to orchestrate change management for enterprise-wide transformation



ERP systems have always played a crucial role in managing the day-to-day operations of organizations. However, as disruptions surface, enterprises have realized the need to maximize the value of their existing technology solutions and processes to stay ahead. While these organizations often embark on large transformations to ensure that operations continue in a seamless manner, such initiatives often lead to less value creation and a long road to adoption of latest technology and best practices.




Designed to orchestrate end-to-end transformation, TCS Change 4.0 is a suite of organization change management services that accelerates change adoption, helps create a digital workforce, and builds a strong foundation for technology enablement that drives effectiveness across enterprises.

With smart features that encourage stakeholder engagement, business impact management, education and training, performance management, learning, and development, and provide end-to-end lifecycle support for businesses.

TCS also helps organizations align the departmental structures, roles, and performance expectations, augment employee skills, promote technological literacy, and set a new cultural direction to move to new ways of working.


With TCS Change 4.0 suite, enterprises across the globe can orchestrate organization change management and leverage the following benefits:

  • Continuously monitor and manage change KPIs to become future-ready
  • Promote a one-team culture with collaborative work models
  • Encourage role-based learning to build future-focused competencies
  • Drive 100% employee adoption with game-based campaigns and leaderboards
  • Allow active business involvement throughout the engagement journey
  • Facilitate a smooth shift in toolset, skillset, and mindset


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