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Reimagine customer experience with AI-based TCS solution


The information revolution heralded by digitization has spurred customer expectations like never before. Understanding these expectations and drawing strategies to fulfill them is what would determine the success of companies today and in the future. Hence, it becomes important for enterprises to serve customers well, build strong customer relationships, and improve customer experience to retain old customers and attract new ones. For this, companies need in-depth insights into customer data and trends that help formulate successful marketing strategies. The need of the hour is an end-to-end analytics solution that allows enterprises to adopt a customer-centric approach in this hyper-competitive world.


TCS’ PredictCX Analytics is a complete digital solution that comes with in-built product and service customizations to improve customer experience. The solution studies customer interactions across various touchpoints, such as call centers and networks, and analyzes their preferences and behaviors. It understands customer mindset through their sentiments, feedbacks and complaints to improve loyalty and reduce churn rate.  

TCS PredictCX Analytics helps enterprises provide a personalized, multichannel, and unified experience to customers. The framework associates this information with existing insights and knowledge from other data sources. The platform is modular, which helps enterprises follow a natural growth plan. It is also fault-tolerant and available both in cloud and on-prem infrastructure. 

The two delivery models for PredictCX Analytics include: 


  • Deploys deep domain-level solutions using optimum value-based approach   
  • Leverages KPI trees and templates for improving customer insights     

Services and accelerators 

  • Implements module-based solution powered by data science accelerators  
  • Uses functional expertise and industry-specific experience for customer satisfaction  
  • Derives industry-focused and service-based engagement with customers 
  • Provides a configurable functional system that can be implemented along with other products and solutions.
  • Reduces implementation time with prebuilt, library-based AI-ML models


TCS PredictCX Analytics helps enterprises improve overall service delivery to customers and thus enhance loyalty and retention while reducing operational effort and costs. With this platform and allied services, enterprises can: 

  • Provide a personalized experience to customers with proactive customization 
  • Save precious time of customers with faster grievance redressal  
  • Deliver better multi-channel experience to customers at various touchpoints  
  • Get valuable insights and recommendations on sales versus engagement strategies 
  • Improve customer retention by more than 10% 
  • Enhance customer tenure by over 10% 
  • Reduced operational efforts by more than 15% 
  • Improve customer value


TCS believes in rendering best-in-class services to customers with industry-leading solutions. By partnering with TCS, enterprises can leverage:

  • Domain knowledge-based consulting: We provide deep domain expertise by leveraging relevant KPI trees and AI/ML-based accelerators.
  • Valuable partnerships: We have strategic partners who bring the most recent, cutting edge, and innovative solutions for customer analytics problems.
  • Qualified professionals: We have more than 5,000 qualified customer analytics professionals capable of solving any problem.
  • Analytics & Insights (A&I) Academy and Center of Excellence: The TCS A&I Academy and CoE work to bring continuous improvements to the existing solutions


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