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A suite of solutions for data estate modernization


In the 21st century, enterprises are striving to be ‘data centric’ as they realize that data is a core asset. To derive and leverage its true value, enterprises need to ensure that datasets are real-time, holistic, and accurate. Traditional data warehouses are ill-equipped to manage the massive data explosion enterprises face today. Organizations must embark on a transformation journey towards a unified data platform with capabilities for cognitive analytics and real-time actionable insights.




TCS DAEzMo™ is a comprehensive offering, including modern data warehouse/data lake implementation, appliance re-platforming, data office, master data management and data marketplace set-up. It unlocks the desired value from data assets. TCS partners with companies such as Amazon, Google, Qlik among others to support enterprises across the journey. Its features include:

  • Data democratization through data office - Strategy, design, operations and governance
  • Machine First™ data accelerators - TCS DEER , ADEPT, DEZYPHER, BITS , MasterCraft™ DataPlus, DIME, DATADIVE, DAEzMotif, Vitellus, MDM Jumpstart, and Report Migrator
  • Field-proven methodologies - Seven-step process framework for all major target platforms
  • Platform-agnostic implementation - For native applications
  • User onboarding support - For easy adoption


By partnering with TCS on their modernization journey, enterprises can achieve:

  • Rapid implementation with the Machine First approach and AI-driven data accelerators
  • Expansive source coverage of a variety of data sources and types of data
  • Richer customer experience at every transaction, enabled via relevant insights
  • Alignment with business needs by create data to value (DTV) from modern insights platform
  • Superior AI readiness with sophisticated analytics and cost-optimized open source-adoption


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