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A holistic framework for enterprise application modernization and next-gen capabilities



As businesses pursue streamlined processes for the modernization of the enterprise application landscape with next-gen enterprise SaaS architecture adoption, they face several challenges, including lack of clarity to define right-fit and future-ready enterprise applications, a highly fragmented SaaS application market with varying degrees of capability, uncertainty in business change impact, and the absence of organizational readiness for SaaS cloud adoption.


TCS Compass enables holistic enterprise application modernization with the cloud. This defines next-gen enterprise application architecture that is fully aligned to the business strategies of an organization. With TCS Compass, businesses can define and choose the ‘right-fit and the right-sized’ enterprise applications to support their ERP cloud strategies and restart their journey toward building a post-modern digital core on SaaS cloud with a comprehensive vision, clarity, and confidence.

With features such as enterprise business capability framework, cloud deployment strategy, value realization, and business change impact, , find the right enterprise applications, and derive business value in line with their organizational strategies.


By adopting TCS Compass, enterprises worldwide could reap the following benefits:

  • Jumpstart the journey toward building post-modern enterprise applications on the SaaS cloud
  • Leverage automation, agility and cloud to deliver value on their business strategies
  • Change impact analysis for enterprises to get ready to manage change
  • Build operation resiliency and derive value from the transformation journey
  • Drive growth and innovation with forethought into a future-ready applications platform
  • Follow enterprise applications cloud strategy specific to business priorities and changing business scenarios
  • Make maximum digital investments with a value-based business case



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