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Improve field service operations and customer experience using merged reality remote assistance



For organizations relying on field service operations to manage customer service requests and asset utilization, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed a challenge: a limited workforce to cater to an increase in customer demands. Further, movement restrictions instituted by local governments add to the challenges of delivering consistent customer experience while dealing with workforce shortage. Another imperative is to reduce repeat visits by ensuring field service technicians deliver 100% first-call resolution.

Enterprises must leverage next-gen technologies such as merged reality remote assistance to optimize field service operations and remote customer experience at the last delivery mile. 


As businesses recognize the need to adapt their field service workforce in response to the limited availability of contractors and employees, they are also looking to ensure that new technicians learn new skills quickly. Merged reality remote assistance — a combination of augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) — can supplement traditional training methods with virtual hands-on assistance and accelerate knowledge transfer. Onsite technicians can use their own devices and tap into their company’s expertise and global knowledge base to find suitable solutions. This enables enterprises to deliver superior customer experience even with a leaner workforce.

TCS’ Enterprise Virtual Assistance accelerates an organization’s journey towards building a resilient enterprise by deploying merged reality remote assistance to virtually connect field service technicians with access to experts and provide access to knowledge sources across the world. TCS builds a future-ready virtual assistance platform on IFS Remote Assistance by developing a delivery road map and integrating key knowledge sources to maximize return on investment. This solution caters to industries that are highly asset- and project-intensive or have monetized servitization such as aerospace, defense, telecom, energy, utilities, engineering, construction and infrastructure, and manufacturing.


Ensuring improved customer experience not only enhances customer value, but also provides a competitive edge. TCS helps enterprises create a favorable experience by empowering customers and partner support to quickly answer questions regarding the product and/or service. If onsite visits are required, TCS ensures merged reality remote assistance for field service technicians to deliver first-call resolutions.

TCS Enterprise Virtual Assistance helps field service organizations:

  • Deploy merged reality remote assistance for unhindered field service operations and superior remote customer experience
  • Accelerate onboarding of remote training in six weeks from inquiry to deployment
  • Overcome foreign language as well as technical jargon barriers to help field technicians located anywhere around the world
  • Identify knowledge or training gaps, analyze technical or communications issues, and measure adoption rates to enhance training programs with advanced reporting and analytics


We bring a unique approach to help enterprises operate with resilience, including:

  • Virtual demonstration of the value delivered by Enterprise Virtual Assistance customized for the client using TCS’ IFS labs and innovation centers
  • TCS’ domain expertise enables us to maximize the value of a remote assistant platform throughout an enterprise
  • Our agile delivery, integration and proven end-to-end solution accelerates time to value
  • As a winner of IFS Growth Partner of the Year, we work with IFS Tech to develop joint solutions and services that accelerate business outcomes for customers in asset- and project-intensive industries
  • A premier service provider of IFS Tech solution with the ability to ramp up quickly and support any project around the world.


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