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Achieve enterprise resilience with fast, flexible and effective planning


The global economic landscape is rapidly changing owing to volatile market, business disruptions, new government regulations and intense competition. These market situations impact different parts of your business and have a ripple effect on growth and profits. In times of such unprecedented disruptions, current strategies and growth plans become obsolete. Enterprises need to quickly respond to market, department or organization changes and seamlessly align across the entire business to stay ahead of the curve.

In the times of COVID-19, as organizations get back to business, they need to look for smart ways to predict and forecast market trends quickly. Traditional planning is often slow, error-prone and fragmented. Adopting best practices such as driver-based, rolling forecasts and zero-based budgeting is difficult. Enterprises need to integrate complexities, automate tedious processes and go-to-market strategies for seamless functioning and business continuity. Planners need actionable forecasts available in real time and without time-consuming manual effort. This can be achieved through better collaboration of businesses by combining technology, data and people to make right decisions quickly.


TCS’ Agile Intelligent Planning helps enterprises become adaptable and resilient by helping assess how market risks and opportunities impact their organizations. The solution connects people, business plans, and data through Anaplan’s Connected Planning platform, a real-time, cloud-based environment for integrated business planning, to provide accurate real-time insights. In remote working scenarios, it offers better collaboration and workflow capability to improve efficiency.

Agile Intelligent Planning solution continuously optimizes business performance through forecasting, scenario management, and real-time enterprise-wide insights with analytics and reporting. TCS helps organizations gain business agility with:

Scenario planning and modelling - Facilitate real-time what-if scenario analysis and contingency planning based on major business planning drivers by simulating the results of possible external and internal influences on business performance

Financial planning - Deliver timely, reliable budgets, forecasts, analyses, and reports for better and faster decision-making. Create profitability and pricing models, automate cost management practices, and implement unlimited finance use cases that can all seamlessly connect back to central finance.

Demand and supply planning - Enable scenario planning to evaluate supply chain impact, supply options and financial implications to eliminate bottlenecks and build resilient supply chain functions

Marketing planning - Enable dynamic marketing activity planning and spend allocation at speed to optimize marketing campaign; bring synergy of marketing plan with sales forecast to achieve business goal

Workforce planning - Optimize workforce management and headcount planning to enable effective and sustainable organization performance by providing the basis for better decision-making by analyzing current workforce and determine future people needs of the business


TCS’ Agile Intelligent Planning enables connected enterprises that benefit from:

  • 50% improvement in financial planning and analysis efficiency for aggregation and forecasting
  • Reduction in IT effort with business unit ownership of in-house model creation
  • Real-time insights that offer the required visibility to managers and reduce selling, general and administrative expenses
  • Faster sales pipeline consolidation and forecasting
  • Improved workforce optimization with staff planning


TCS has function experts with more than 15 years of experience in finance, supply chain, sales, performance and HR. Our full breadth of advisory services, proven methodology and agile implementation connect people, processes and technology for a faster return on investment. TCS brings the right integration specialists for connecting business applications, including those from SAP, Oracle and Salesforce.

TCS leverages its consulting expertise and strong relationship with planning software company, Anaplan to deliver enterprise-level solutions on Anaplan platform that result in rapid value outcomes.


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