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Bias in marketing, sales, and service technologies can erode customer trust, damage your brand, and impact revenue. Often companies lack the tools, strategy, data, or partners to target, sell to, and serve diverse audiences. These gaps are often byproducts of bias—unintended and undetected—in front-office technologies, and can create customer disconnect, limit growth, and even derail environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. This is a business risk, but it can be corrected.

TCS Unbiased Customer Experience (UCX) Framework for Salesforce helps organizations measure, broaden, and refine diverse customer journeys by identifying hidden bias and diversity gaps. It helps marketing, sales and service teams to realign CX strategies to capture the full spectrum of the target market.

Building an inclusive customer journey

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  • Bias in marketing databases, list buys, and media buys restrict market coverage
  • Non-inclusive content reduces diverse market response
  • Historical AI training data can amplify bias in lead scoring


  • Historical AI training data can amplify bias in opportunity scoring and suppress the funnel
  • Homogenous sales teams can cause diverse opportunities to fall out early or slow down
  • Inequitable and ineffective use of offers and discounts fail to improve close rates


  • Inequitable customer treatment activates switching and ‘cancel culture’
  • Homogenous service teams can adversely affect CSAT in diverse segments
  • Bias can drive up costly KPIs: first touch resolution, transfer, re-visits
  • Inequitable offers and add-ons jeopardize customer retention

Reach your full market potential through inclusive customer experiences using TCS’ Unbiased CX Framework deployed via Salesforce Einstein Analytics in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud.

Strategy & blueprint

Method to ensure inclusive CX/CRM projects and outcomes

Diversity Profile

Centralized tool to create, manage, deploy and report on global diversity profil

Market analysis

Market research to define diversity segments and target ratios.

Customer360 strategy

Assess diversity of database and market coverage; Create strategy for rebalance

Aspirational AI

Assessment to identify and remove bias in CRM AI. Includes aspirational training

Diversity amplifier

Algorithms and models to project revenue/business impact of greater CX diversity


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