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Real-time, adaptable planning to ensure last-mile vaccine delivery


A diverse group of organizations are managing supplies, administering vaccines and monitoring efforts. Together, these frontliners help vaccinate billions, but they must deal with a dynamic supply-demand situation that runs the risk of delayed shipments, inadequate manpower, and cost overruns, impacting the vaccine supply chain. Also, many organizations are still relying on manual inputs, offline spreadsheets and time-consuming data wrangling.

Enterprises need real-time insights and predictive modeling capabilities to plan in the connected ecosystem with transparency and efficiency to fight COVID-19.


TCS Vaccine Connected Planning solution helps government agencies, academic institutions, healthcare providers and other organizations optimize the allocation and utilization of people, supplies and finances. The rapidly scalable predictive modeling solution connects people, business plans and data through Anaplan’s connected planning platform to estimate, analyze and rapidly adjust strategies based on evolving needs.

TCS works with enterprises to define needs, streamline processes and integrate data sources and system. Our pre-built cloud-based environment jumpstarts implementations so organizations can reap benefits faster. Our comprehensive planning solution covers:

  • Strategic planning: Plan for the entire vaccination program to ensure available resources and timeframe; conduct ‘what-if’ scenarios with resource and time constraints
  • Allocation planning: Establish a vaccine distribution plan on how to allot limited supplies; accurately estimate and forecast for different vaccine types as per the cold chain storage restrictions, spoilage rules and follow-up dosage rules
  • Demand planning: Determine the right quantity of vaccines, gloves, gowns, masks, face shields or other PPE kits for testing and vaccination sites to avoid wastage
  • HR planning: Forecast the number of personnel required at each vaccination site and the cost associated with the workforce
  • Expense planning: Control the costs to manage the vaccination program with real-time insights, recommendations and reports


TCS Vaccine Connected Planning enables organizations to make decisions based on real-time information about COVID-19 resources. It helps enterprises:

  • Gain 360° visibility across the program with connected planning
  • Take faster and smarter decisions with real-time insights
  • Manage a resilient vaccine program with up to 15% increase in efficiencies
  • Avoid wastage and save on inventory costs by up to 35%
  • Ensure rapid adaption to changing circumstances with dynamic planning


With our deep expertise in connected planning solutions and domain knowledge in vaccine priorities, TCS is well placed to support planning and forecasting needs. We offer:

  • Industry expertise and contextual knowledge of processes, data and technology to address complexities
  • Multi-industry experience to provide plug-and-play solutions
  • Global presence and Location Independent Agile™ delivery methods
  • Flexible solution capability to meet dynamic requirements
  • Strategic alliance with Anaplan to bring the best-of-breed solutions for COVID-19 planning and forecasting



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