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Real-time actionable insights from sensor streams.


More and more companies in more and more industries are deploying sensors in products and equipment to collect data that helps improve performance and customer service. In today’s world, generating data is the easy part. In fact, it’s too easy: Sensor data has turned into Big Data. It is increasingly challenging to accurately process and analyze a variety of data from different sensors in real time.


TCS Sensor Data Analytics is a configurable framework built to rapidly collect, process, and analyze all types of sensor and log data. Powered by deep learning and than traditional models to enable accurate on-the-fly analytics.  

Our expertise in Big Data and artificial intelligence enables deep analytics including anomaly detection, failure prediction, demand forecasting, route optimization, segmentation models and more. Tailor your solution with ready-to-use industry specific applications for predictive maintenance, machine diagnostics, demand forecasting, and more. 


  • Enjoy a configurable, scalable framework

  • Process high-volume sensor streams, generate useful insights 

  • Improve processing time with GPU-based memory for faster inference 

  • Correlate multiple data formats from multiple sensors

  • Accelerate time to market with ready-to-use components

  • Reduce data management costs with a single solution for multiple data sources 



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