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TCS and SAP: Future-proofing businesses together

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a trusted global strategic service partner for SAP, was a proud Diamond Sponsor of Sapphire 2023

Here are some of the key highlights from both the events.

Orlando saw us accept SAP Pinnacle Award 2023 in the Social Impact category. This award reflects our commitment to empower enterprises with our solution, “Supplier Diversity Insight,” which has helped TCS’ customers empower their communities through social sustainability in marginalized communities and promoting minority-owned businesses, making supply chain resiliency and supplier diversity an integral part of the way they do business.

Furthermore, Orlando was a true testament to our partnerships, and we're very grateful to Walgreens and Honeywell for joining us to share their incredible transformation stories! Read more about the sessions in the next section.

The excitement from Orlando spilled over to Barcelona, bringing the house down with conversations around TCS, enabling one of the largest #SAP Transformations in the world together with SAP and Versuni. We were proud to receive a mention in the keynote address by Versuni's CEO, Henk S de Jong, and to be further commended by its CIO, Corine Adams, for the hard work and dedication demonstrated by every member of the TCS team to enable a transformation of this scale.

Please read on for more updates from the event.

Speaking sessions

Walgreens’s Modernization Journey Enabled by TCS and SAP Solutions May 17, 3 pm EST, Orlando

Mark Slater, VP Platform Information Officer at Walgreens, and Michael Diehr, Director, NA SAP Practice at TCS, took the audience through Walgreens’ transformation of its supply chain, store operations, pricing, and finance operations. Today, Walgreens can serve its customers better—thanks to the collaboration with TCS and SAP and the future-proofing of its SAP platform with best-in-class capabilities for any retailer.

Key highlights:

  • 500% increase in physical inventory process for stores per day
  • 100% operational efficiency in supply chain processes
  • >97% operational KPI accuracy by using TCS ignio™
  • Won SAP Innovation Award 2023 under the Business Innovator Category

Accelerating sales at Honeywell enabled by TCS and SAP, May 16, 2:30 pm EST, Orlando

Praveen Singh, Senior Director, Enterprise Domain Leader – CPQ, Pricing, Subscription Billing at Honeywell, and Prashant Garg, Consultant, Chief Enterprise Architect – CPQ at TCS, presented this session. There was an impressive turnout at the breakout Theatre, where the audience listened to a first-hand account of Honeywell’s sales transformation journey, which began by implementing SAP CPQ to create a future-ready scalable digital core. This resulted in higher win rates with guided selling and enhanced customer experience.

Key highlights:

  • Best practices shared about collaboration with businesses for sales transformation
  • Configured over 10,000 business rules with over a million product attributes
  • Building a future-ready digital core to enhance the customer experience

Versuni’s Digital Transformation Journey enabled by TCS and SAP, May 24, 3:30 pm CET, Barcelona

Corine Adams, CIO, Versuni, and Esther Park, Lead Engagement Partner at TCS, helped the audience understand the orchestration of one of the largest RISE with SAP programs in the world. Versuni’s SAP transformation success story led by TCS was one of the event's most talked about topics among customers.

Key highlights:

  • Best-of-suite approach taken with 60+ applications transformed in 18 months 
  • Improving data quality to help Versuni gain r real-time consumer insights
  • Acclimatization phase of the journey would be to educate the entire organization on how to grow with this transformation and adopt agile ways of working 

TCS solution showcase at the booth

Demonstrating what we can do for your business 

TCS thought leadership; TCS-partner sessions on TCS Crystallus™, composable business apps, TCS’ cloud capabilities, and optimizing product life cycle digital thread, and more by TCS, Siemens, and SAP; as well as agile innovation cloud, TCS’ strategic insights group, TCS-SNP Shellfield conversion services were showcased at our booth across both locations. 


TCS is the proud winner of the SAP Pinnacle Awards 2023 in the Social Impact category at Sapphire 2023 in Orlando and Barcelona

The TCS Team received the award at the Sapphire 2023 event this year. Every year, top partners are chosen based on their commitment to customer value creation, exponential growth, and simplification. This award reflects our commitment to empower enterprises with our solution, Supplier Diversity Insight. It is helping TCS’ customers empower their communities with social sustainability in marginalized communities,  promote minority-owned businesses, build supply chain resilience, and make supplier diversity an integral part of business activities. 


TCS’ partnership and capabilities validated by customers in keynotes


Innovating for the Future – Fireside chat


Corine Adams, CIO of Versuni, in conversation with Christian Klein, CEO of SAP, and Julia White, CMO of SAP, spoke highly of TCS’ partnership and role in Versuni’s digital transformation.

Versuni has successfully achieved its goal of becoming a consumer-focused, agile, and innovation-driven organization by offering a complete range of services that cover the entire life cycle, from strategy and consultation to implementation and operations. This initiative has enabled Versuni to adopt a direct-to-consumer model and realize its mission of transforming houses into homes. The close collaboration between TCS and Versuni will provide a versatile and top-of-the-line foundational platform supported by SAP that will facilitate perpetual transformation with reduced time-to-value and the agility to quickly adapt to market changes and lead with innovation and service.


The Future-Proof Organization


Henk Siebren de Jong, CEO, Versuni, mentioned TCS in his keynote address at Sapphire, talking about  TCS and SAP adding value to the partnership to enable the  Versuni transformation within the stipulated time.   with agility and on time. 

  We look forward to seeing you at the event.