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COVID-19 has opened a pandora’s box of unanticipated problems across the retail supply chain. Ensuring product availability without impacting cash flow, effectively managing supply chain costs, and improving fulfillment velocity are now top supply chain priorities. With features such as intelligent replenishment, dynamic parameter tuning, and peak management and accelerated fulfillment, TCS Cognitive Supply Chain solution, powered by TCS Algo RetailTM, addresses these challenges key to supply chain operations.

In combination with TCS OptumeraTM, an AI-powered retail optimization suite, TCS Cognitive Supply Chain has:

  • Reimagined the supply chain flow for a leading US retailer by orchestrating over 2,000 parameters, realizing multi-billion-dollar benefits

  • Prevented shrinkage worth billions of dollars for a leading e-commerce player

  • Increased the operational efficiency of the supply chain of a US specialty retailer, realizing business benefits equivalent to over $150 million